Hello Dreamers!

Have I ever driven two hours to a city just to look at flowers? Yes, yes I have. Was it worth it? Totally. My eyes were thirsty for color and longed for sweet scented fields of goodness and the Tulip Festival was where it was at.

If you find yourself frolicking about in Washington during the month of April come on by! Get there early, though. I was there practically all day from 9 to 2 and even in the morning it started to fill up. The crowds became overwhelming around 12 and this was on a Friday.

I didn't make it to all the tulip stops, maybe next year, though. I ventured into the RoozenGaarde fields. There was plenty of space in the fields, past the entrance, if you wanted to capture some shots sans anybody else in them.

The weather that day was great. God let the sun peek through just enough that even my light sweater was too warm! Was I still in WA? Maybe the "heat" made me delirious. No, seriously, I haven't felt the sun like that since I've moved from OK. I don't know how the Snow Queen does it, but the cold during the spring time DOES bother me anyway. It's just wrong.

Aside from these flowers saturated with radiance, there is a place at the fields to get some kettle corn, hot dogs and hamburgers, and ice cream for the appetite you'll work up perusing the fields. It's a little pricey so if you're not up to paying too much for just a burger you can always bring a nice picnic. I passed a couple of good looking restaurants on my way into town so you can even grab a bite there!

On your way out you can purchase a bouquet or two or three, of some fresh tulips to take home. This is truly an event you should go to at least once if you can.