Hello Dreamers and Coffee Believers!

Have you ever self-indulged in a little coffee shop R and R? Maybe you have, but if you haven't drop everything and go...right now! You'll find yourself amidst the aromas of roasted coffee beans. Take time to relax, take a sip, and enjoy the moment. You'll be surrounded by dreamers typing, reading, pondering away. You'll find yourself having a heart-to-heart with an old friend or maybe you've opened up a conversation with the beautiful human at the table next to you. Next thing you know, it's a half past 3 macchiatos. Time just melts away.

That coffee shop vibe just soothes my soul any time of day. There are certainly no shortage of coffee shops here in the great state of Washington. It's the first thing that caught my eye when I moved here. I wanted to find what was unique about these shops, steer away from the franchises, and drink ALL the coffee! As I found myself with a little extra time during the day after moving into my house I decided to start trying them one by one, starting in Tacoma.

Let's take a look, shall we?


First up, I found myself at Bluebeard Coffee Roasters. The name sounded enticing and I love a shop that roasts their own beans! Located in a historic antique store building you walk in and instantly feel soothed.

180 degree windows set the place up in full luminosity. While sipping your cup of Joe you are enlightened by the exposed timbers and transported to an old-school coffee tavern. In fact, my husband and I met a college friend here after lunch at Dirty Oscars Annex (such a delight, such a funny name!) and filled the shop with laughs and memories. A good coffee shop can do you wonders!


Next I ventured a couple blocks away to Tully's Coffee where I found myself instantly lost in my book for what felt like hours (it was!). My macchiato and croissant lasted about 5 minutes, though. What I loved about this shop was the second story. It's so open and welcoming, it's aroma just sucks you in. You're in good company when you're at this shop with fellow coffee lovers and highly skilled baristas who just make the most delicious cup!

Their small batch roasted specialty coffees have been a Seattle staple since 1992. You can even find them in Japan! You've probably bought one of their k-cups, I'm sure of it! I visited the Stadium District location because it's close to so many delicious restaurants and vintage shops! This is a shop passionate about getting some yummy in your belly and the proof is, well...in the coffee!


I can keep rhythm with no metronome, no metronome, no metronome. Haha, I couldn't help myself when I strolled into Metronome Coffee. Can you blame me? The second I saw I could get cereal here I KNEW this place had "it".  Cereal = life.

Cup o' Joe? Cold WA brewski? Spot of tea? Pancakes? Live music? It can all be found here!

Their coffee is roasted by Victrola Coffee Roasters, a local Seattle company that sources premium coffees. I LOVE local (all these shops source locally)! When you walk into this shop you are surrounded by honeycomb tile, a cozy coffee bar, and GNOMES! Yep, gnomes!


You made the face didn't you? Don't lie, I know you did! If you didn't go watch it right now!

If you're thinking, irresistible, the coolest, and charming (you're still making the face, aren't you ? haha) then you found Blue Steele Coffee House. I came here for a meeting and of course I had to test out their macchiato. If you didn't figure it out from reading my post macchiatos are my favorite form of coffee! Anyhow, it was divine! I also had the Pacific Northwest breakfast sandwich, oh my dear Lord! Avocado, egg, cheese, arugula...it was heaven!

My favorite aspect about this shop was it's close proximity to the McChord, AFB flight line. If there's anything I like more than seeing a train pass by it's a plane taking off. I've lived next to an international airport my whole life, so close our house often feels like the plane is taking off right from our garage. Marrying a pilot guaranteed my closeness to flight lines for life and it's the best! If you share the same admiration this coffee shop is for you! What a sight!


You could get in a lot of trouble here! Paninis, direct-trade espresso, and frozen yogurt? Take my money! I love how it looks right out onto the road and how the sun sets beautifully with this location. I don't have much to say about this place except it's delicious! There's something for everyone of all ages. I LOVE the cabin-esque motif and the antlers, oy!!! You know my love for Gaston and all things decorated in antlers...this place speaks to me!



I truly feel like I've save the best for last! This isn't a local Washington coffeehouse but I couldn't resist sharing one of my FAVORITE places I've found thus far! Five80 , located in Enid, OK, is a pay-what-you-can coffeehouse. They'll give you a suggested price but you only have to pay what you can afford. This is a non-profit model adopted by One World Everybody EatsI encourage you to visit their website to find a location near you! They give back to the community, supports local farmers, welcomes everybody, and is nourishing for your soul. You can even volunteer at these places in exchange for a meal!

Another thing I love about this local Oklahoma coffeehouse is their super-inviting atmosphere. The second you walk into this place the colors fill your soul with peace and the coffee surrounds you like air. When you "tip" and pay you're actually donating to the community! The people who work here are the friendliest you'll ever meet.

Five80 was my go-to coffee shop the whole time I lived in Enid, OK. I miss it dearly and enjoyed countless cups of coffee, social gatherings, and simply soaking up the day by myself in this beautiful establishment.

Supporting one another and uplifting each other is my life mantra. It's not always easy for everyone to do this in a world where we're always in competition, always striving to be better than the next person. Why? Once you let that go and realize it is better to share your knowledge and heart and give back rather than hold back you'll find so much peace in your life. Help your neighbor out, no matter what it is.

When you come here you're not just paying for a cup of coffee, you're paying to make a difference.

Thank you always for reading! It brings such joy to my heart to share with you and I can't wait until we meet again.

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