Howdy Mousketeers!

When I visit Florida I don’t usually stay on property since I am from Orlando and my childhood home is less than half an hour from the parks. Recently, though, my parents retired and decided to travel the world and sell all their things so for me that means ALL the Disney hotels when I visit haha!

I hadn’t stayed at the All Stars Resort since the early ‘90’s! I think I was well past due! So let’s get into why you should stay at one of my faves, the wonderful All Star Movies Resort!

For me, I was instantly drawn in by all the larger than life colorful figures of our beloved Disney classics. No matter which corner you turn, you’re bound to feel as if you stepped right into a movie!

This resort is considered a value resort, meaning the cost per night is slightly less than a moderate resort. If you’re more into amenities a moderate resort may be more your speed. For me I just needed a colorful place to crash!

The transportation is awesome! Buses run every 20 minutes and honestly sometimes it felt like less!

One of my FAVORITE parts was the in-room pizza delivery service. Sorry, I was so hungry I forgot to nab a photo! Service runs from 5:00 PM-1:00 AM every night!

Although I didn’t get to enjoy the amenities of the pool it is QUITE spectacular! It is a Fantasia themed pool and has plenty of room for everyone! Another amenity I didn’t get to explore was the on-site arcade! It looked like loads of fun and had a ton of games!

Almost out of juice for your phone? Grab a fresh fuel rod from the lobby before you head to the parks!

A super quick look at the AMAZING pool!

If you’re looking for rooms that have been upgraded since the 90’s the All Star Movie Resort is your place! Keep in mind, though, only buildings seven and eight are the only refurbished buildings in the whole All Star establishment as of September 2018. Slowly but surely all of the All Star Resorts will undergo a complete refurbishment!

A quick walk-through of the refurbished room!

This resort offers online check in 10 days prior! All you have to do is register online or open your Disney App and check in. You will get a notification via text with your room number when it’s ready! This was so convenient for me because I was able to drop off my luggage, play in the parks for a few hours, and then voila, my room was ready!

Room is ready and so am I!

Room is ready and so am I!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this gave you some insight on what to expect if you decide to book at the All Stars Movie Resort!