The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. -Audrey Hepburn

Audrey was right! While everyone is staring into your beautiful eyes, though, make them pop and sparkle with a little help from some of my favorite makeup and beauty tools!


Have you ever been up late writing a paper or just couldn't sleep while the t.v. was on? So late that regular programming ceases to exist and you enter the realm of $19.99 and pay only shipping and handling dialogue? We've all been there, at least when we still had cable (Hello HULU, Netflix, and Amazon Prime!). I digress! Sometimes these infomercials catch my eye and I slowly open up my web browser and start to research reviews and how legit it actually is. Goodbye late night study sesh. I never actually buy the product, though. That is, until the Instyler Rotating iron. Girls, let me tell you all about it!

I've had my iron(s) for almost 9 years now. The first one they came out with lasted me a good 2 years and then gave out. I found out they released a special one for salons only and had to have it as my replacement. It still works great but shuts off at random times. So, I bought yet another one about a year ago and guess what...I am still impressed. Mhmm, believe it. The electric short wasn't going to stop me! I do hope they fix it soon, though.

I've bought multiple irons throughout the years, Chi, Conair, Babyliss, Hot Tools, expensive, affordable, etc, etc and never really got the result as advertised. This product actually delivers! I love the rotating aspect of it because it polishes my hair with the attached bristles as it's giving me this voluptuous volume. I've used it when I had really long hair and now while my hair just touches my shoulders; works every time. I have really curly/wavy hair and it's pretty thick and this baby does the trick all day every day! There's something about the rotating aspect of the iron that gets your hair done faster and I LOVE it! Not only can you get great volume with this babe but you can go curly or straight. Checkout this video I made for you lovelies to see just how spectacular it really is! Happy styling!


I can have nothing done but my eyeliner when I leave the house and I feel like I'm ready to conquer the world! So, it's kind of important to have an eyeliner that will last me all day, because, well, conquering the world kind of takes up my whole day and reapplication just isn't an option.

So many brands claim to be 24 hours or long lasting, most of the time they aren't. That's until I found Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner. Oy. This is love. That lady knows what she's doing. I love her whole line!  Want to really believe me? Just go to Disney World in the middle of the summer with this stuff on, that is the true test! Spoiler alert: It works. The brush makes the application  effortless, so much so you don't need any special beauty hacks to give you that perfect clean cat eye. As often as I use this stuff (almost daily) it actually lasts me about the whole year. You can't go wrong for $20!

The best way to make that eyeliner pop is to really give yourself some long lashes. I enjoy dressing up with some falsies every now and then, but really the work isn't worth it to me to do it all the time. That's why I love my Lash Intensity Mascara by Mary Kay that my darling Melissa introduced me to. Go and buy ALL the things because you get what you pay for is an understatement! Click here to explore and buy ALL the mascaras.

It's the perfect smudge proof, lash multiplying, super-amplifying mascara . Drugstore brands always make my eyes itch, it clumps like crazy, and really doesn't give me that long lash look I like without all of the above. Give it a try, I promise you will fall in love!


Chocolate. Choc-o-late. Chocolate = life. I LOVE chocolate. No, seriously, you don't understand. When I was 5 years old I ate SO much chocolate I swore I would turn out like John Midas in one of my favorite childhood books The Chocolate Touch. Instead I got 9 teeth pulled, close enough. As a kid I used to hide it in my closet, drawers, anywhere and everywhere! Don't worry, all in moderation, I just like to know it's near me. Do you see, do you see now how chocolate and I are one?

When Maureen (my soul sister/ MUA), introduced me to Too Faced's Chocolate Soleil bronzer while doing my makeup for an audition she took my addiction to a whole new level! It's so unhealthy. Can we just forget the makeup and talk about chocolate? Maybe next time, maybe indeed.

Not only does this bronzer smell like my favorite thing EVER but it goes on so effortlessly. You barely need anything on your brush to contour your heart out and make your face glow like the rays of sweet Florida sunshine. I don't know about you, but my fair skin doesn't bode well with the orange/ red based types of bronzer. It's unnatural looking. This pigment really meshes well and doesn't look ridiculous like other bronzers. You can even use it as a blush! This yummy stuff is blendable, doesn't cake, long lasting, buildable, and natural looking all in one! Treat yourself ASAP! Just don't eat it...ok, maybe just a smidge?

I hope you enjoyed this post and found something you can use! I would love to hear what products you swear by; please leave a comment! What do I absolutely have to try?!

Thank you for reading and have a Tuesday full of all things simply magical.