"We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we're curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths"

- Walt Disney


I have always had a curious mind and boy has that curiosity taken me down the scariest, happiest, most adventurous paths in life so far. It's what spurred my desire to study education. That's why I became a teacher, because I was curious to learn how children learn and how to teach them. That's why I am here, a thousand miles+ away from home, because I was curious on where this adventure of military life would take me. That's why I let these pups take me wherever they follow their nose. It's what makes me look further into my faith. Curiosity. It's a funny thing and a beautiful thing.

It's my curiosity that has led to my many adventures. It brings out my passion to get to know others and explore what is out there.  It has led me here, to explore with you, my readers! As you embark on this blogging journey with me you'll notice (and probably have already noticed) I use the words adventure, curiosity, and explore quite a bit. That's because my goal is to see where my curiosity takes me, always find adventure wherever I am and whoever I'm with, discover beauty in everything I do, see, and everywhere I go, and to be passionate in everything I do.

So welcome! May you find adventure betwixt the curiosity and the words on these pages. I am so happy to take you all with me!