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Hello Dreamers, I'm Zeinab!

I was born and raised in Florida. I’ve lived all over Florida! As far down south as Miami and as north as St. Augustine. I’ve spent most of my life in Orlando just minutes from the best castle ever.

I currently don’t live there anymore but I visit quite often (like every other month haha). For now, home is in Washington State as a first grade teacher, wife, and fur mom. My location and job often change due to my husband’s career in the military. Other career avenues have piqued my interest because of moving so often. Just like Pocahontas I feel as though my dreams are changing and taking me to new places and I can’t wait to take you with me on all my new journeys.

With positivity, faith, and all things magical I hope to encourage others and hope you find something for yourself amongst my adventures. I even hope that my adventure brings me to you! I have met so many amazing people with a lust for all things magical and I know this is just the beginning of our adventure together.